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About Us

"Uniting communities through sport"

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote mutual respect for all ethnicities, ages & genders and to mobilise the local community using the power of sport and other means. By working together with the community on local projects and events, we aim to bring a sense of ownership, belonging, and pride to all members of our community and beyond.


Our Aims & Objectives


  • Gender diversity

  • Ethnic diversity

  • Age diversity



  • Enhance the local community and surrounding areas

  • Achieve a common vision with local residents, community leaders, and community groups

  • Encourage a sense of belonging and raise pride in the locality

  • Engage with community members to develop positive relationships



  • To create a safe and neutral discussion space accessible to all

  • To bring people together from all ages and backgrounds to work together on community-led projects

  • To improve tolerance and raise awareness of others from all backgrounds

  • To use sports to promote health & wellbeing for all

Our History

Batley Rugby League Club has always sought to support and be an active part of the community of Batley. Over the years it has been involved in many ways, such as working in schools and with young people and other community groups. This has involved funded workers, the staff of the club, and volunteers.


A few years ago when external funding came to an end, it was decided that the best vehicle to continue and expand that work would be to set up an independent charity. The charity would be separate from the club working closely together, using the facilities and the valued expertise of the club, with an emphasis on sport but not be limited to sporting activity.

Thus the Batley Sporting Charitable Trust (now the Batley Sporting Foundation) was formed some 5 years ago. The trustees were all people closely associated with the Batley Bulldogs, projects that could be self-funded went ahead such as work in schools, Holiday activity clubs for children, and match day activities.

However, two projects requiring large-scale funding were proposed; one to celebrate the heritage of the Batley Club by identifying every player who had worn the shirt, giving them a heritage number, and setting up a Hall of Fame for those who had made an outstanding contribution. The second project would recognise the diversity within the community of Batley and seek to promote cohesion across gender, ethnicity, and age. National Lottery Funding was sought and obtained for these two projects and this has enabled the employment of workers, assisted by volunteers to see those project aims achieved.

The trustees hope that these projects will promote pride and celebrate the relationship & mutual support of the club with the whole community of Batley

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